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With an annual GDP growth of 7.4% and a steep increase in FDI, more and more attractive investment opportunities are arising in the regions of Russia. Real estate and development are just several of the most promising areas for foreign investors. With much lower development costs, a continuously growing demand and supportive local governments, investments in real-estate projects offer double-digit rates of return.

The capital of Russia has always been attractive for investors. However, the real estate market entry in Moscow becomes more and more exigeant year after year. In 2009 Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, and some other cities with the population over 400 thousand people have become the most attractive one for investion of capital. The interest of investors to other Russian smaller cities is also increasing.

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10.06.2010 Sovkomflot Plans $280M Development for Sochi's Port

21.04.2010 $100 billion outlay puts economy on road to recovery

17.12.2009 Contested Retail Bill Clears Duma Hurdle

01.09.2009 John Deere To Pump $125M Into New Plant

17.08.2009 SNC-Lavalin Buys 48% of Russian Engineer

10.07.2009 PepsiCo Opens Plant With Vow to Potato Farmers

17.03.2009 First H&M store opened in Moscow

10.03.2009 Russian Government Pledges Support for Shipbuilders

06.03.2009 The Ivanovo Region at MIPIM 2009

04.03.2009 Rosatom, Siemens Initial a Deal To Create Nuclear Joint Venture

25.02.2009 Carrefour Eyes Stake In Sedmoi Kontinent

16.02.2009 Gazprom to Open First LNG Plant

19.01.2009 Volvo to Open Truck Plant in Kaluga

16.01.2009 Magna Has Expansion Plans in Russia

13.01.2009 Wal-Mart joins Russian retail lobby group

12.01.2009 The Blue Chip Economic Indicators: experts see longest recession

23.12.2008 President Dmitry Medvedev Approves the Idea of a Direct State Support Fund

10.12.2008 A new World Bank report, Global Economic Prospects 2009, examines the impact of the financial crisis on GDP growth across the world

05.12.2008 The first plenary meeting of the Working Group for designing the Strategy for Chechen Republic social-economic development to the period of 2020 took place in the Chechen Republic Ministry of Finance, Grozny, Russian Federation.

21.11.2008 The company of Vonplan Global Co, Ltd promises register with Altai Valley before the end of the year

19.11.2008 Busworld Worldwide Trade Fair in 2010 will take place in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

18.11.2008 BBC Report: Financial crisis - World round-up

17.11.2008 Starting Realization of the Russian Government Anti Recession Plan

14.11.2008 Siemens AG: High speed trains head for Russia

13.11.2008 World Bank: Development Priorities and Potential in the Russian Far East

12.11.2008 Anti-Recessionary Plan. The decisions, which the Russian Government suggests to adopt within nearest three months

11.11.2008 The General Motors Company set up the plant in Shushara town (Leningrad Oblast).

16.07.2008 Jones Lang LaSalle : new report about Real Estate Transparency Index

18.06.2008 Jones Lang LaSalle : 2 new reports about Working in the office and European Distribution Warehousing Property Clock

18.06.2008 Knight Frank: new report about Moscow and St. Petersburg Commercial Real Estate

10.06.2008 Photo-report from the XII th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

27.05.2008 Jones Lang LaSalle : 3 new reports about European Logistics Trends, Shopping Centre Development and Moscow City Profile

27.05.2008 Knight Frank: new report about Commercial Real Estate Market

28.04.2008 Knight Frank and Jones Lang LaSalle: new reports

26.03.2008 Conference program: 3 new presentaions

25.03.2008 Knight Frank: 2 new reports about global indexes 2008 and Moscow Office Market Report

13.03.2008 CRE: Complete report day two at MIPIM

12.03.2008 CRE: Full report on the first day at MIPIM-2008

11.03.2008 The pavilion "The Regions of Russia" is opened

10.03.2008 Jones Lang LaSalle : 3 new reports about Office Market, Office Buildings and Shopping Centre Development


10.03.2008 The Tyumen Region will open investment poyential om MIPIM-2008

10.03.2008 Tver Region at MIPIM 2008

10.03.2008 Kemerovo Region at MIPIM 2008

07.03.2008 Detailed Conference program MIPIM-2008 is available at site

07.03.2008 View Plan of the Pavilion "Regions of Russia"

07.03.2008 Knight Frank: 3 new reports about different sectors of Russian real estate market

04.03.2008 Knight Frank will participate in MIPIM 2008

04.03.2008 Jones Lang LaSalle: 5 relevant reports about different sectors of Russian real estate market

16.02.2008 Knight Frank: 10 new reports about different sectors of Russian real estate market

12.02.2008 Conference program: Jones Lang LaSalle, Knight Frank and RosOEZ

11.02.2008 Regions of Russia organizers announce the conference program of the pavilion

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10.06.2010 Financial Crisis Survey

10.12.2008 WB Report: Global Economic Prospects 2009

13.11.2008 Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009

12.11.2008 Global Financial Stability Report 2008

11.11.2008 World Economic Outlook 2008 (WEO): Financial Stress, Downturns and Recoveries

16.07.2008 Real Estate Transparency Index (Jones Lang LaSalle)

18.06.2008 Who's been working in the office? (Jones Lang LaSalle)

18.06.2008 European Distribution Warehousing Property Clock Q1 2008 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

09.06.2008 Moscow and St. Petersburg Commercial Market Overview, 1-st quarter 2008 (Knight Frank)

27.05.2008 European Logistics Trends & Prospects April 2008 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

14.05.2008 Shopping Centre Development: Eastern Europe Leads the Boom (Jones Lang LaSalle)

26.04.2008 Moscow City Profile - April 2008 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

24.04.2008 Annual Residential Real Estate Market Report, 2008 (Knight Frank)

24.04.2008 Moscow Business Parks (Jones Lang LaSalle)

19.03.2008 Knight Frank global indexes 2008. Commercial real estate (Knight Frank)

17.03.2008 Moscow Office Market Report, H2 2007 (Knight Frank)

15.03.2008 Russian Regional Office Market: Vector of Evolution (Jones Lang LaSalle)

11.03.2008 High-Rise Office Buildings in Moscow (Jones Lang LaSalle)

07.03.2008 Annual Commercial Real Estate Market Report, 2007 (Knight Frank)

05.03.2008 Annual Residential Real Estate Market Report, 2008 (Knight Frank)

04.03.2008 Russian Regions. Real Estate Markets in 2007 (Knight Frank)

28.02.2008 Moscow Warehouse Real Estate Market Outlook 2008 (Knight Frank)

20.02.2008 Russian economy. Overview of real estate market in Russian regional cities

01.02.2008 Moscow Retail Real Estate Market Outlook 2008 (Knight Frank)

01.02.2008 Moscow Office Real Estate Market Outlook 2008 (Knight Frank)

18.12.2007 Commercial Real Estate Market Overview. Q3, 2007 (Knight Frank)

01.11.2007 Moscow Office Market Opportunities (Jones Lang LaSalle)

09.10.2007 Residential Real Estate Market Overview. First half, 2007 (Knight Frank)

07.10.2007 Commercial Real Estate Market Overview. First half, 2007 (Knight Frank)

01.10.2007 Moscow City Profile September 2007 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

27.07.2007 Moscow Office Report 2007 (Knight Frank)

15.05.2007 Real Estate Investments, March-April 2007 (Knight Frank)

10.05.2007 Commercial Real Estate Market Overview. Q1, 2007 (Knight Frank)

02.05.2007 Russia Shopping Centre Market Report (Jones Lang LaSalle)

01.05.2007 WWC The Millionniki Report (Jones Lang LaSalle)

27.04.2007 Quarterly Prime Residential Market Overview. QI 2007 (Knight Frank)

15.04.2007 Shopping Centre Development - The Boom Goes On

02.04.2007 Moscow City Profile, March 2007 (Jones Lang LaSalle)

27.03.2007 Real Estate Investments, Jan-Feb 2007 (Knight Frank)

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