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Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Yekaterinburg , summer 2009

The official decision to hold the 2009 international Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders council in Russia was made during the Bishkek summit in August 2007. The 2009 SCO summit in Yekaterinburg surrounds the Russian Federations chair in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which will last from summer 2008 to autumn 2009. Yekaterinburg is a contemporary business, trade and industrial city. Situated in the Urals, it is an administrative center of Sverdlovsk region and the entire Ural federal district. Three important problems should be solved by Sverdlovsk region to provide for the Russian Federation chair in SCO in 2008-2009. The first is to create necessary conditions and infrastructure to welcome worthy guests. The second is to conduct events in Sverdlovsk region connected with the RF chair where the regions participation is necessary according to the Organizational committee decision. The third is to contribute to consolidation of Russian international authority.

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