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Government initiatives

During the recent years, significant institutional changes occur world-wide in branches which used to be state-owned and state-controlled: electric energy, road, rail road, communal economy, main pipe line transport, ports airports. Governments transfer objects of those branches to business companies for the long- and average-term use reserving the right to govern and control their activity.

The expression «public private partnership» is originally an English one and is translated in Russian «word-by-word». Subject to due organization and due legal execution the public private partnership is gainful for the state, for business, and for citizens. For the state PPP is a way to attract the private capital to financing and management of the property reserved by the state; for business companies PPP is a way to gain reliable profit on the state-owned objects or on services which were reserved by the state.

As a rule, each such alliance between the state and the private business is of temporary nature because it is established for particular period of time for the purpose of implementation of a particular project and is terminated after its implementation. Implementation of PPP in particular directions occurs in the scope of the state programs for which the special purpose 'development institutes' are established.

Nowadays there are following Russian development institutes established:
The following development institutes are being established:
Branch development institutes:
Separate non-financial development institutes ** :

Financing of Development Insitutions
* What is the state corporation?
** Innovative economy
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