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Fund of the assistance of the reformation of the housing and communal services

The state corporation "Fund of the assistance of the reformation of the housing and communal services".

This fund was created with the value of 240 billion roubles specifically for the purpose of providing assistance to the municipalities in financing the capital repairs of the housing and liquidation of the old dwellings.

The number of the old and tumbledown housing has doubled in the last five years. Therefore, it has been suggested that for the next five years a sum of 240 billion roubles out of the federal budget should be assigned to rehousing of people from the old and tumbledown dwellings (10 billion roubles was already assigned in for the same purpose). A sum of 145 billion roubles should be assigned to capital repairing works of the houses.

The decision as to how the fund's resources will be shared between the regions will be based on the budget of each region and the total area of the housing fund. The same criteria will be used to decide on how the resources assigned to the repairing works and rehousing should be shared between the regions and the municipalities of the regional housing repair programs. As per estimates of "Rosstroy", the fund will cover 10-80% of the regional repair programs resources, while the people themselves will contribute around 5-10%.

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The first amounts will be paid out in the first half of 2008. This message came from the deputy Minister of the regional development of Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Kruglik, during the briefing which was held on 31st of January in the Ministry of regional development of Russia.

As per Mr. Kruglik, the payments will be made to the regions upon their official requests. "To this day we have received 75 requests from the regions. 35 of them match the criteria set by the fund, the rest of them are sent back for revision", - said deputy Minister. He also pointed out that in February it will be decided which first 4-5 regions will be receiving their shares.

Mr. Sergey Kruglik said that currently the limits of financial assistance are being confirmed: with the minimum value of 500 million roubles and the maximum value of 8 billion roubles.
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