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St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

St. Petersburg (Russia), June 6-8, 2008

A focal event in the country's economic life, the 11th forum in 2007 gathered some 5,000 representatives of international business, political, and expert communities who flew in from over 50 countries to discuss and showcase their investment opportunities. Ten CIS presidents, eleven government heads, four deputy prime minister, 64 ministers, and some 500 top managers of the largest international companies honored the forum with their presence. The forum's expo covered some 20,000 square meters.

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Photo-report from the XII th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum


FORMIKA at XII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
The FORMIKA company, being the forum's partner, will build FORMIKA Business Loung (exhibition hall 5) and 10 stands of the following clients in the year 2008:
  • Mechel (pavilion 7)
  • NeoCentre (pavilion 7)
  • OPK United Industrial Company (pavilion 7)
  • RAO UES (pavilion 7)
  • Russia Today (pavilion 7)
  • St. Petersburg City Administration (pavilion 3)
  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (pavilion 7)
  • Transnefteproduct (pavilion 7)
  • Vnesekonombank (pavilion 7)
  • Volga-Dnepr Group (pavilion 7)

FORMIKA Business Lounge
On June 6-8, 2008, Russia's northern capital is hosting the 12th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which is the central highlight of the Russian economic life, rightfully dubbed the "Russian Davos".

To make your visit to the forum comfortable and pleasant, the event's partner, Formika, has organized a special VIP retreat: Formika Business Lounge, which meets all standards of the top international summits.

The lounge matches the high-profile status of the event and represents a comfortable zone for meetings and work as part of the forum. At you disposal are comfortable upholstered furniture, a private negotiations room, and a fully-functional reception desk manned by people who will efficiently resolve any possible issues.

Additionally, the Formika business center offers guests the following services:
  • ATM;
  • photocopier, faxing, typing, and document printing;
  • directory services: online information search, directions, taxi service, information on transportation services, hotels, restaurants, tours, and entertainment;
  • left-luggage office, safe boxes, lost and found office;
  • chargers for the most widespread cell phone types;
  • copying and recording photographs, providing portable data media (flash cards, CDs, etc.) ;
  • invitations to the forum's events;
  • negotiation room booking;
  • Internet cafe and Wi-Fi zone;
  • hot, cold beverages and other drinks (bar).
Thanks to this lounge, forum participants will be able to work effectively as if at the most advanced and comfortable office, holding meetings and negotiations while enjoying the full range of top-quality services. Our employees will make every effort to make the forum an effective vehicle for your business. We hope this approach will promote ever greater and better opportunities for interaction between visitors and participants.

Exhibition operator - FORMIKA

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