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"Rosagroleasing" is the largest state owned agro industrial leasing company in Russia, working on the leasing market of agricultural equipment.

The company tops the list of the published ratings of the leasing companies every year. "Rosagroleasing" was established in February 2001. In fact the company commenced its activities in February 2002. The authorized capital stock of the company is 35.3 billion roubles. The main shareholder of the company is the Ministry of Property relations of the Russian Federation.

Starting from the date of its establishment up to July 2006, the company has concluded 3150 leasing agreements, with the total value of 39.8 billion roubles. "Rosagroleasing" has supplied 22 040 units of agricultural equipment, including 9 940 combines, 6 882 tractors, 2 488 units of automobile equipment, 2 730 units of soil treatment machines, with the total value of 27.9 billion roubles, around 50000 heads of tribal cattle amounting to 2.6 billion roubles.

The state company "Rosagroleasing" is presented by 200 operator companies in 72 areas of the Russian Federation. The agricultural equipment, machinery and the tribal cattles are being supplied to all federal regions of the Russian Federation. More than 5 thousand entities can be considered as the final customers of the company.

The company is the leading company amongst Russia's leasing companies on the value of the concluded agreements and is one of the top 50 European companies (judged by the European association of leasing companies).

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is the Minister of the Agriculture of the Russian Federation - Mr. Aleksey Gordeyev.

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National system of Agrarian Leasing

The main aim of "Rosagroleasing" is to pursue a policy of state support of the agricultural manufacturer, based on the newly created national system of agrarian leasing, which is considered to be a highly protected kind of investment on federal as well as regional levels.

The national system of agrarian leasing involves a network of large regional leasing companies, which have a good experience of leasing contracts, a confident financial state, a good servicing base and a very good reputation amongst the final customers of the leasing services. The regional leasing companies are being selected in the course of the competitions and in accordance with the requirements set by the board of the directors of the joint stock company "Rosagroleasing". The availability of good references by the Federation entities as well as their support of the companies is the factors that play an important role in the selection process.

These companies are capable of combining its business in the area of federal leasing and their activity within the regional programs of the leasing of agricultural equipment, machinery and tribal cattle and may play a role of reliable partners of "Rosagroleasing" in pursuit of important investment.

The regional leasing companies use its own practical experience to form a base of customers interested in their services, which have a stable ground and show a great potential for further growth and development.
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