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Mortgage Agency

Mortgage Agency was established on the 5th of September 1997 as an open joint company with 100% state capital.

The main activity direction of the Mortgage Agency, established by the government of Russian Federation, is ensuring the liquidity of the Russian commercial banks, which offer long-term mortgages to people, purchasing the rights of such mortgages' requirements using the resources acquired by means of placing the Agency's shares on the stock market.

The social and economic meaning of the Agency's activities lies in the formation of the financially capable demand for housing, popularization of the common federal system of mortgaging on a national scale, with the state's support.

Official web-site: (in russian)
As of the 22nd of February 2008:

Currently the system of refinancing is in force across the whole territory of the Russian Federation.. The Mortgage Agency has established contract relationship with 35 insurance companies. The Agency has also credited 76 regional operators and 64 service agents. There are 133 organizations in 70 regions of the Russian Federation which offer mortgages in accordance with the set standards of the Mortgage Agency.

111 601 mortgages have been refinances in accordance with the Mortgage Agency's standards. This amounts to 80 billion 802 million roubles.
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