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Anti-Recessionary Plan. The decisions, which the Russian Government suggests to adopt within nearest three months

12.11.2008 On November 7 the new plan of the Russian Federation Government was published for the lowering the recession influence on Russian economy. The essence of the plan is to spread the state interference into the economy and simultaneously make it more flexible. The plan does define the distribution of state money - it is rather bureaucratic document with minimum quantity of digits. The plan contains in general the dates for elaboration the legislation acts and Governmental decrees. The deadline is February-March, 2009. The main part of the documents must be prepared in November.  

Measures in Brief

Financial Regulations:
-creditors adaption of unconditional right for prescheduled  debt  amortization in the case of company or bank reorganization;
-spreading of Vnesheconombank possibilities for investing the oyster pension accumulations;
-initiation of obligationary   sobraine institute for consolidation of obligation owners opinion.

Stimulation of Internal Quest:
-advantages for the Russian manufactures on state purchase (goszakupki);
-development of target crediting for the enterprises for the calculations for planted production (factoring).

Housing Market:
-redemption of flats in the houses of high availability, built by the fund of civilians.

Automotive Industry:
-advance of import customs for foreignmade cars analogues, framed in Russia.

-issuance of obligations under the Governmental and Vnesheconombank guarantees for financing of infrastructural projects

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