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The first plenary meeting of the Working Group for designing the Strategy for Chechen Republic social-economic development to the period of 2020 took place in the Chechen Republic Ministry of Finance, Grozny, Russian Federation.

05.12.2008 The structure of the Group is consisted from the representatives of the Republic ministries, departments, municipal administrations 47 persons in common, including the delegates from Formika Research & Development company, who is the official designers of the Strategy Svetlana Lipina, Director for Research, and Alexei Vyalkin, Director for Development. Mr. Odes Baysultanov, the Chairman of Chechen Republic Government, is the Head of the Group.
Mr.Baysultanov in his opening speech defined that in spite that the Republic in present solves in general the tactic tasks it is important to define the priority branches of economy. He added that in the frames of the strategy the concrete events, aimed to solving the sharp social problems, which cannot be decided through the federal target program Social and Economic Development of Chechen Republic for the period 0f 2008-2011. First of all it is the decrease of unemployment level and securing the prosperity growth of Republican citizens.
The Chairman of the Government accented that the strategic line of Chechen Republic Development, defined by Mr.Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechen Republic, is the way to prosperity and welfare of the people. For reaching that goal the indicators of Chechen Republic strategic development effectiveness must be oriented.
I am sure that economic industrialization, development of agrarian sector, implementation of innovation technologies in all spheres of activity will be the basis for reaching the social stability and people welfare, posting the Chechen Republic in the number of the most developed and prosper regions of the Russian Federation, - pointed Mr.Baysultanov.
The Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Chechen Republic, Mr.Abdula Magomadov defined that the work for designing the strategy was already started. It will be realized in two stages. On the first stage the analysis of social-economic situation in Chechen Republic and elaborating of scenario conditions of strategic development will be executed to the period up to 2020. On this stage the description of different scenarios of Republic development will be given (inertia, energy-raw, innovative). All works under this stage is planning to finish till the end of this year.
Second stage includes the elaboration of the mechanism for optimal variant of strategic development realization and plan for strategy development plan with defining the stages. The main aim for working out of this document  is definition of the further way of Chechen Republic development , optimized from the point of maximum using the resources and competitive factors, oriented to solving the most sharp social problems and rising the quality of people life, - pointed Mr.Magomadov.
Svetlana Lipina in her speech defined that it is clearly can be seen that the efforts of Republic leadership aimed not only on housing and social objects reconstruction. With mobilization of all resources and attraction of non-budget funds the active and large construction of new industrial and agricultural objects had already started. It is extremely important  to define the methodology of new paradigm of social-economic development transfer from the projects of infrastructure restoration projects to the projects, connected with realization of investment projects and creation of the working business, - added Ms.Lipina.
As the result of the meeting the protocol was adopted, which defined the providing of necessary information and suggestions from ministries, departments and municipal administrations to the nistry of Economic Development and Trade of Chechen Republic and "Formika R&D". In the aim of organization the effective cooperation with the Strategy designer the permanent working groups will be created in all ministries, departments and municipal administrations for preparing the necessary information and concrete suggestions.

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