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Global Financial Stability Report 2008

12.11.2008 Global Financial Stability Report: With financial markets worldwide facing growing turmoil, internationally coherent and decisive policy measures are required to restore confidence in the global financial system, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says in a new report. The IMF estimates that the losses on US subprime assets and securities will ultimately total $1.45 trillion (?1.07trn; £828bn), more than 50% above its April 2008 estimate of $945bn, and it called for "a comprehensive set of measures that could arrest the currently destructive process".
Financial institutions have been shedding bad assets, reducing borrowing and seeking new capital, but strains on the system intensified dramatically in mid-September following the collapse or near-collapse of several key institutions.

Confidence in financial institutions and markets has been badly shaken by the global credit turmoil that has its roots in the U.S. subprime mortgage market but that has spread globally to other financial sectors. The GFSR said that risks in a number of areas have risen, especially credit risk, and market and liquidity risks.

The latest GFSR examines how credit deterioration has continued to spread to more sectors and countriesfrom subprime to prime mortgages, and from residential mortgages to consumer credit, commercial real estate, and now to the corporate sector. European countries are also feeling the painsome of them also had high house prices and overextended borrowers. Emerging markets appear increasingly at risk as well.

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