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Kemerovo Region at MIPIM 2008


For the first time delegation of Kuzbass (Kemerovo Region) attends the 19th International commercial property exhibition of investment projects «MIPIM-2008».

The delegation is headed by First Deputy Governor V.Mazikin and includes Chief Federal Inspector in Kemerovo Region of the Plenipotentiary of the RF President in Siberian Federal Okrug I.Kolesnikov, President of Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry T.Alekseeva, mayor of Novokuznetsk city S.Martin, mayor of Tashtagol city V.Makuta and representatives of the Kemerovo Region Administration.

The purpose of participation at the exhibition is to present commercial, economic and investment potential of Kemerovo Region. In particular, Kuzbass presents three major investment projects, namely:
  1. the Technopark in the Sphere of High Technologies
  2. the Satellite Town “Lesnaya Polyana”
  3. the Sports and Tourist Complex “Sheregesh”

Reference № 1 “On Kemerovo Region”

Kemerovo Region is situated in the south-east of Western Siberia.
Its area is 95,700 square kilometres.
In 2006, the population of the region was 2832.4 thousand people.

The centre of the region is Kemerovo City (520,100 people), 3482 km away from Moscow. Kemerovo Region has a high level of economic development and investment activity. It accounts for 2.6% of the Russian output of goods and services and in this regard is ranked 13th among the regions of the Russian Federation. Its gross regional product amounts to 1.3% of the Russian GDP. Kemerovo Region produces over 76 % of coking coal in Russia, 14 % of rolled ferrous metal and 14 % of steel, 63 % of main-line railway and 100% of tram lines.

The high level of economic development in the region is largely determined by its vast deposits of natural resources, mainly coal and iron ore. The Kuznetsk coal basin is one of the largest in the world. Its total geological reserves lying at the depth of up to 1800 metres exceed 733 billion tons. The potential iron ore reserves are estimated at 5.25 billion tons. The region is also rich in gold, silver, tungsten, mercury, molybdenum, cobalt and nickel. The placer gold budget is estimated at hundreds of million cubic metres.

Kemerovo Region is also rated as one of the leaders in investment activity. According to the level of capital investments, it is ranked 11th among the regions of the Russian Federation. In 2006, total investments in the region reached 3.5 billion US dollars. The region accounts for about 2% of the total capital investments in Russia.

Reference № 2 “The presentation of Kemerovo Region’s investment projects”

1. The Technopark in the Sphere of High Technologies

In accordance with the region’s industrial specialisation, the Technopark will focus its activities in the following directions: integrated processing of coal and waste coal, methane production and processing, the development of coal chemistry, new technologies in metallurgy, mining engineering and safe mining technologies.

The Technopark will be based on several sites that will accommodate offices, a public and business centre, laboratories and production facilities, an exhibition complex, social, sporting and entertainment facilities. The project managers have already reached the required land agreements, selected the main and reserve construction sites and established the sources of funding the development of engineering facilities.

The Technopark, with a headquarters in Kemerovo, will help Kuzbass to become a leading mining technology centre in Russia and worldwide, as well as develop new industries specialising in integrated coal processing. This project will create more than 4,800 new jobs.

2. The integrated development project “Kemerovo Satellite Town “Lesnaya Polyana”

The project “Kemerovo Satellite Town “Lesnaya Polyana” is a pilot investment project of integrated development. The satellite town “Lesnaya Polyana” is a unique project that enables a large-scale construction of low-rise housing in Russia and is designed in accordance with the latest international trends in town planning and architecture. The design was produced by a Canadian company and is therefore based on the Canadian experience.

According to the master plan, the satellite town will have about 1.142 million square metres of housing. By the year 2015, the town’s population will reach almost 25,000 people.

The town’s location near the centre of the region, Kemerovo City, will attract investment in services (shopping and entertainment centres, sporting and medical facilities, hotels, stores, cafes and restaurants, etc.), real estate and business offices. Therefore, the town has favourable conditions for investment.

“Lesnaya Polyana” will have a modern engineering infrastructure (energy and gas supply, water supply and drain, fiber-optics communications), which will produce minimal effects on the environment.

The project “Lesnaya Polyana” is designed for 10 years. The construction rate will reach 50,000 square metres in 2008 and in the following years – 100,000 square metres per annum.

3. The Sports and Tourist Complex “Sheregesh”

The aim of the investment project “The Sports and Tourist Complex “Sheregesh” is to create an economically viable alpine ski resort that can be used for recreation and holding skiing and snowboarding competitions in winter and for sports and recreational tourism and health improvement in summer.

The new complex will be located on the southern flank of Green Mountain (“Zelenaya Gora”) and cover about 6,800 hectares. The resort master plan was developed by a famous Canadian company “Ecosign”. The project will use the latest technologies in ski resort design and construction and the most advanced alpine skiing equipment.

The main objective of the project is to ensure that the ski runs comply with the FIS requirements for any international competitions in alpine and freestyle skiing and snowboarding. The FIS experts have highly rated the quality of the planned ski runs. The project has received support of the Olympic Committee of Russia, the Federal Agency for Physical Training and Sport and the Russian Federation of Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding.

The Winter Sports Support Fund, which has prepared a feasibility study and a master plan for the area development, is in charge of all design and construction works for the resort.

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