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Southern macrozone

The South of the European part of the country has the most favorable conditions for agriculture, high recreational potential, relatively low expenses involved in the development of the enterprises of the processing industry due to the climatic and infrastructural advantages, well developed transit functions and sea ports, as well as several large agglomerations.
Priority development trends:
according to the project "The Concept for Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation" for the period until 2020.
  • The development (including on conditions of state-private partnership infrastructure) the infrastructure of ports that are owned by the state;
  • Establishing the high-speed highway transport connections between the largest agglomerations – Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar, the development of such connection between Astrakhan and Volgograd;
  • The development of transportation logistics in the Krasnodar, Astrakhan, Volgograd, and Rostov regions based on the utilization of the system of the international transportation corridors; the development of the integration of the transportation systems into the “Great Mediterranean” system (Southern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa), the development of the economic ties with the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, which will stimulate the development of foreign trade;
  • The development of recreation: the most famous «brands» of the health, mountain skiing and seaside resorts (including the resorts of the Black Sea coast and Mineralnye Vody in the Caucasus region);
  • The increase of the capacity of the transportation communications in the zones of tourism development, primarily in Sochi before the upcoming Olympic Games, as well as creating new transportation communications;
  • The agricultural sector and food processing industry will be developed as the product flows to areas outside of the economic regions grow.

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