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Annual average rate of 2007:
1 USD ($ USD)   = 29.39 rub.
1 EUR (€)           = 41,42 rub.

Currencies exchange rates (as of 11.06.2010): 
1 USD ($ USD)  = 31.5742 rub.
1 EUR (€)          = 38.0217 rub.

                      0.7% . 0%
Gold and currency reserves        441.4 bln. USD
Oil Brent (ICE)         71.62
                          USD/ barrel
GDP               II 2009 9 326,4 bln. Rub.
Exports            24,5 1,8 bln. USD
Imports           15.5 . 1.6 bln. USD
Fixed asset
   01.07.09. 621,7 . -49.4 bln. Rub.
Consumer price index
(as of 01.8 / 31.08.2009)
  100 . 0% - for food
              99.1 . - 1.5%
- for non-food
                   100.6 . - 0.2%
- for paid services rendered to the population         100.4 . - 0.4%
Forecast rates on                         
1 USD ($ USD) = rub.
1 EUR (€)          = rub.
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Chechen Republic

Area, km2:
15 000
Time zone:
Federal District:
Southern Federal District of Russia
Administrative center (city):
Population (inhabitants):
1 196,40
Largest cities of the region (inhabitants):
Grozny - 222,000
Gudermes - 40,100
Argun - 29,100
Share of urban population (%):
Income per capita (USD):
Income per capita 2007/2006 (%):
Gross regional product, 2005 (million rubles):
29 238.0
Gross regional product per capita, 2005 (rubles):
24 920.0
Fixed capital investment, 2006 (million rubles) :
The Chechen Republic is situated on the Northern foothills of the Greater Caucasus, and also occupies the adjoining steppes and plains. Its main rivers are the Terek and the Sunzha.
The Republic has 218 cultural heritage sites. The main landmark of the regions highlands are medieval stone towers. Argun Museum Reserve has a high historical importance. The great Silk Road, connecting Europe and Asia, once passed through the Republic. The Republic has a wealth of sanatoria located on its territory, specializing in the therapy of blood circulation organs, and nervous and locomotor systems.
The advantageous economic and geographical position and rich raw materials base (oil, gas, copper, stannum, limestone, chalk, marlstone, slate and others) make the Chechen Republic a promising region for business activities.
Key industry sectors include oil production and oil refining, machine building, food, woodworking and timber industry, and light industry. The agricultural complex is well developed. Its main sectors are: fruit farming, viniculture, vegetable production, crop growing (wheat, rice), sunflower and sugar beet production, and cattle breeding (fine-wool sheep and bovines). The Republic is famous for the workmanship of its gunsmiths and goldsmiths, as well as for unique artistic crafts (wood carving, stone carving, metal working, embroidery, and tapestry).
The Chechen Republic has a favorable geographic position. The North Caucasus Railway passes by its territory, as well as the federal highway connecting North Caucasus with the rest of the Caucasus and the CIS countries. The largest airport in the North Caucasus, Severniy Airport in Grozny, has been reconstructed. Air communication with Russian regions was resumed in March 2007.
  Contact information
Region's website
Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov
+7 (8712) 22-25-47; +7 (8712) 22-48-41

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