Conference Program

Conference program in "The Regions of Russia" pavilion (Gare Maritime) takes place in the conference zone. Reserve a seat for preferred sessions.

11th of March 2008, 14:00-16:00
Auditorium J, the 4th floor of Palais des Festivals
Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and Vedomosti business daily
Conference: "Russia: Investment Course"
12 of March 2008, 14:00-16:00
Room Verriere Californie, the 5th floor of Palais des Festivals
Conference of Russian Ministry of regional development and Rosstroy:
"SUMMIT APEC 2012 Russky Island – Investment opportunities".

11th of March 08
9:00Official opening of the pavilion 
by the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.
11:00Panel: Financing of investment projects in Russia.
Presentation and panel is managed by Vladimir Pinaev (Jones Lang LaSalle).
12:30Coffee-break / Networking session
13:00Presentation and Panel: "The rise of Russian Regions. Vast territory for opportunities"
Panel led by Evgeniy Semyonov (Knight Frank).
14:30Presentation: Special Economic Zones.
Fedotkin Dmitry Viktorovich (RosOEZ).
15:30Coffee-break / Networking session
16:00Presentations:"European Service with Russian Hospitality"
Speaker: Jeremy Oates (Knight Frank).
17:30Pischulina O.I.: “Reconstruction of the drama theater” (Tver region)
17:40Badmayev S.V: “The recreational zone City-Park Kaluga” (Kaluga region)
17:50Senko Y.V.: “Tourist project: “Veliky Ustyug: Father Frost’s Home”” (Vologda region)
18:00Schetnikov A.T., Avetova V.R. “The eco-resort "Vazuza&Yauza Park" (Smolensk region)
18:30Yanovsky Y.E. “Presentation of OPK development projects” (OPK development)
19:00Cocktail in pavilion for conference participants

12 of March 08
9:00Governors’ presentations of the Investment Potential of Russian Regions     
12:30Ryabov D.A: «Zavolzhye Industrial Zone» (Ulyanovsk Region).
12:40Miheev D.V.: «Commercial infrastructure of Ivanovo-Yuzhny Airport» (Ivanovo region).
13:50Mazikin V.P.: «Kuzbass technopark:investment in innovation» (Kemerovo region).
14:20Sheykin S.V.: «Construction of Saratov international airport» (Saratov region).
14:30Ivantsov M.E.: «Tula Riviera City-Park» (Tula region).
15:10Yanovsky Y.E. «Presentation of OPK development projects» (OPK development).
15:30Makhadzhiev S.I.: «Caucasus Hotel in Grozny» (Chechen Republic).
15:50Chernov R.B. «New business district in Penza» (Penza Region).
16:30Gamajunov K.A.: «New «Yuzhny» District in Mineralnye Vody» (Stavropol Krai).
16:40Ivanov O.A. «The residential complex «Na Naberezhnoy» (Udmurt Republic).
17:30Kadiev D.A. «New development on the Sundja River Bank» (Chechen Republic).

13th of March 08
10:40Chernov R.B.: Presentation of Penza region.
11:00Grinkevich A.A.: Presentation of Smolensk region.
11:20T. P.M. Schreurss, D. Kochan: Presentation of Vladimir region
12:00Presentation "Milionniki"
Speaker: Vladimir Pantyushin, Head of Economic and Strategic Research Group (Jones Lang LaSalle).
13:10Senko Y.V. : Presentation of Vologda region.
13:30Brovko A.G. Presentation of Volgograd region.
13:50Dyatlov V.N.: Presentation of Chelyabinsk region.
16:00Degtyar S.A.: «Technopark: the West-Siberian innovation center for oil and gas» (Tyumen region).

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