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Central macrozone

The advantage is the rapid development of Moscow as the largest economic center, which concentrates the management functions, trade, transport and financial flows that have impact on the social and economic development of the adjacent regions.
The development of administrative centers – subjects that are parts of the Central economic regions – as zones of economic growth is largely dependent on the measures and steps on the part of the state in terms of the state support of the development of the processing industry, the service sector, and large-scale residential building and construction.
Priority development trends:
according to the project "The Concept for Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation" for the period until 2020.
  • Solving the problems of the transport-infrastructure problems of the capital agglomeration, especially on the border of Moscow and the Moscow region;
  • Providing stable energy supply to the capital agglomeration;
  • Developing the  Moscow logistical point, international and Russian main lines of transportation corridors that connect administrative centers of the subjects within the structure of the Central economic region and the city of Moscow;
  • Developing innovative centers based on the scientific research towns (most of them are situated in the Central economic region) with establishing technology-intensive production, expanding scientific and practically applicable research;
  • Creating transport-infrastructure conditions for the development of tourism as a unified system, connecting Moscow, the cities of the “Golden Circle” and other recreational objects within the Central economic region with the view to increase the capacity of the tourism market and stimulate the rate of growth in this industry.

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