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Annual average rate of 2007:
1 USD ($ USD)   = 29.39 rub.
1 EUR (€)           = 41,42 rub.

Currencies exchange rates (as of 11.06.2010): 
1 USD ($ USD)  = 31.5742 rub.
1 EUR (€)          = 38.0217 rub.

                      0.7% . 0%
Gold and currency reserves        441.4 bln. USD
Oil Brent (ICE)         71.62
                          USD/ barrel
GDP               II 2009 9 326,4 bln. Rub.
Exports            24,5 1,8 bln. USD
Imports           15.5 . 1.6 bln. USD
Fixed asset
   01.07.09. 621,7 . -49.4 bln. Rub.
Consumer price index
(as of 01.8 / 31.08.2009)
  100 . 0% - for food
              99.1 . - 1.5%
- for non-food
                   100.6 . - 0.2%
- for paid services rendered to the population         100.4 . - 0.4%
Forecast rates on                         
1 USD ($ USD) = rub.
1 EUR (€)          = rub.
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Tver Region

Area, km2:
84 100
Time zone:
Federal District:
Central Federal District of Russia
Administrative center (city):
Population (inhabitants):
1 385,00
Largest cities of the region (inhabitants):
Tver - 405,500
Rzhev - 61,000
Vyshniy Volochek - 53,000
Share of urban population (%):
Income per capita (USD):
Gross regional product, 2005 (million rubles):
125 563.8
Gross regional product per capita, 2005 (rubles):
89 784.4
Fixed capital investment, 2006 (million rubles) :
Foreign direct investment, 2006 (thousands USD):
Tver Region is situated in the central part of the East European Plain. This territory is covered by woodland, rivers, and lakes. Several major rivers, such as the Volga, the Dnieper, and the Severnaya Dvina, have their springheads here. The unique landscape provides for a beautiful natural environment. Lake Seliger and the Valdai group of lakes are considered to be real natural gems of the Upper Volga region. Tver Region is the soul of Russia, it has a rich historical and cultural heritage, and is one of the most interesting regions in terms of the concentration and importance of cultural monuments. The region has deposits of brown coal, peat, low-melting and fire clays, silica sand, and sapropels. It also has a wealth of ground water resources, including both fresh waters and mineral waters. Tver Region’s industrial potential is focused in three main areas: mining, processing industries (woodworking, machine building, food, glass, textile, leather and footwear, chemical and printing industries), electrical power production and distribution (Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant), and gas and water distribution. The volume of goods and services output and GRP grew by over 20%. Over 400 regional enterprises and organizations are engaged in trade with partners from 80 countries around the world. Average annual volume of external trade turnover is about USD450 million, with an export share of 47%. External turnover is mostly oriented towards foreign trade, which accounts for 62% of overall exports. The region has an advantageous geographical position at the intersection of international and domestic transportation routes. A major railway line connecting Russias ‘two capitals, 2 federal highways, 2 oil pipelines and several gas pipelines pass by the region's territory. The region has 2 airports. Navigation is well developed on the Volga River (with Tver River Port).
  Contact information
Region's website
Dmitry Vadimovich Zelenin
+7 (4822) 50-94-39

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