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Russian Investment opportunities

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  Detailed overview   Reconstruction of ensemble of the Emperor’s Wayside Palace
Short overview     Reconstruction of Primorskaya Hotel
  Detailed overview   Reconstruction of Spartak stadium in Leninsky District of Ulyanovsk at the crossing of Karl Marx St. and Zheleznoy Divizii St.
  Detailed overview   Recreation of Historical Buildings of Altstadt in Königsberg (Kaliningrad)
  Detailed overview   Redevelopment Project of Railway and Bus Terminal Buildings in Saratov with Adjacent Territories
  Detailed overview   Refurbishment of Building into Business Hotel
  Detailed overview   Refurbishment of existing recreation center “Ryabinki” into a modern recreation center which requires significant expenses for construction of new and redesign, in view of functional features, of existing objects, purchase of construction materials, replacement of equipment and stock, to be financed with involvement of funds from foreign investors.
  Detailed overview   Residential and Office Development of a 60 ha site situated at: Mayakovsky St., Tver
  Detailed overview   Residential Community Development in South-Eastern Part of Otradny City District, Samara Region
  Detailed overview   Rubin Residential Community
  Detailed overview   S. T. Richter Cultural Center in Tarusa, Kaluga Region
  Detailed overview   SABMiller Brewing Plant
  Detailed overview   Samarsky Municipal Community Center in Leninsky District of Samara
  Detailed overview   Samolet Shopping Center
  Detailed overview   Sanatorium and Tourist Complex
  Detailed overview   Sanatorium and Tourist Complex in Savvateevka Village, Angarsk Municipality
  Detailed overview   Selishche Village, Lake Volgo
  Detailed overview   Shopping and Entertainment Center
  Detailed overview   Shopping Center, Tyumen Region, Tobolsk, Mendeleev Ave. (15th Neighborhood Unit)
  Detailed overview   Social and Economic Development of Aniva District on the Basis of District Power Capacities
  Detailed overview   TERENGA Integrated Industry Complex
  Detailed overview   Tikhaya Dolina holiday center
  Detailed overview   Tourist Entertainment Complex
  Detailed overview   Transfer of Property Complex of Municipal Unitary Enterprise of Water Supply and Sewer Services into Concession
Short overview Detailed overview   Tver Regional Drama Theatre reconstruction
  Detailed overview   Unoccupied land
  Detailed overview   Unoccupied land
  Detailed overview   Unoccupied land
  Detailed overview   Vidovo Countryside Residential Community (Vidovo CRC)
  Detailed overview   Volga Country Club

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