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Russian Investment opportunities

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  Detailed overview   Construction of the First Shopping and Entertainment Center in Komsomolsk-on-Amur Meeting the Latest World Standards
  Detailed overview   Construction of Tourist and Recreation Facility in Zavyalovo District at Lake Gorkoye
  Detailed overview   Construction of “Right Bank” Administrative and Residential Complex in the Right-Bank Part of Barnaul
  Detailed overview   Cosmos Residential Community
  Detailed overview   Creation of a Construction Material Production Cluster on the Territory of Novoulyanovsk Industrial Area
  Detailed overview   Creation of a Hotel Complex of 4 Star Level according to International Hotel Certification System
  Detailed overview   Creation of All-Season Resort and Tourist Center “Parma” on Mt. Oslyanka in Kizel District of Perm Territory
  Detailed overview   Creation of an Industrial Center on the basis of Irkutsk — Angarsk — Shelekhov cities
  Detailed overview   Creation of an Industrial Park in Leningrad Region with Approximate Area of 240 ha
  Detailed overview   Creation of Chiperazau Mountain Ski Resort
  Detailed overview   Creation of Gas and Petrochemical Complex
  Detailed overview   Creation of Industry an Energy Complex on the Basis of a Solntsevskoye Coal Deposit in Uglegorsk District
  Detailed overview   Creation of Mining and Processing Integrated Works on the Basis of Quartz Sand Deposit in Sengiley District (Quarzwerke)
  Detailed overview   Creation of Special Economic Area of Tourism and Recreation Type in Irkutsk Region
  Detailed overview   Demidov Business Center
  Detailed overview   Development of Industrial Park of Samara Region for 2007 to 2015
  Detailed overview   Development of North-Western Slope of Elbrus — Dzily-Su Area
  Detailed overview   Development of Pravoberezhny district of Berezniki (Perm Territory)
  Detailed overview   Development of Prielbrusye Mountain Recreation Complex
  Detailed overview   Development of Vladivostok as International Cooperation Center in Asia-Pacific Region
  Detailed overview   Development Project of Commercial Tourist Complex “Veliky Ustyug: Father Frost’s Home”
  Detailed overview   Dobryansk Lumber Industry Facility (Perm Territory)
  Detailed overview   Eco-Resort
  Detailed overview   ETHNO-WORLD Cultural and Educational Agrotourist Center
  Detailed overview   Eurasia International Maritime Canal between Black (Azov) and Caspian Seas
  Detailed overview   Festivalny Neighborhood
  Detailed overview   Field Development of Nonmetallic Mineral Deposits in Baksan River Basin, Including Construction of Railway from Soldatskaya to Tyrnyauz
  Detailed overview   Field-and-Track Manege with Cycle Track in Druzhba (”Friendship”) Park, Samara
  Detailed overview   Fortuna City Mall Shopping & Entertainment Center
  Detailed overview   Government of Samara Region

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