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Annual average rate of 2007:
1 USD ($ USD)   = 29.39 rub.
1 EUR (€)           = 41,42 rub.

Currencies exchange rates (as of 11.06.2010): 
1 USD ($ USD)  = 31.5742 rub.
1 EUR (€)          = 38.0217 rub.

                      0.7% »зм. 0%
Gold and currency reserves        441.4 bln. USD
Oil Brent (ICE)         71.62
                          USD/ barrel
GDP               II квартал 2009 год 9 326,4 bln. Rub.
Exports            24,5 »зм 1,8 bln. USD
Imports           15.5 »зм. 1.6 bln. USD
Fixed asset
   01.07.09г. 621,7 »зм. -49.4 bln. Rub.
Consumer price index
(as of 01.8 / 31.08.2009)
  100 »зм. 0% - for food
              99.1 »зм. - 1.5%
- for non-food
                   100.6 »зм. - 0.2%
- for paid services rendered to the population         100.4 »зм. - 0.4%
Forecast rates on                         
1 USD ($ USD) = rub.
1 EUR (€)          = rub.
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Orenburg Region

Area, km2:
124 000
Time zone:
Federal District:
Volga Federal District of Russia
Administrative center (city):
Population (inhabitants):
2 122,25
Largest cities of the region (inhabitants):
Orenburg - 533,900 Orsk - 247,000 Novotroitsk - 103,900
Share of urban population (%):
Income per capita (USD):
Income per capita 2007/2006 (%):
Gross regional product, 2005 (million rubles):
299 683.5
Gross regional product per capita, 2005 (rubles):
140 585.8
Fixed capital investment, 2006 (million rubles) :
Foreign direct investment, 2006 (thousands USD):
Orenburg Region is situated at the southern extremity of the Urals. Its main river is the Ural with its tributaries. The region is famous for its unique natural landmarks: mineral water springs, Guberlinsk Mountains, Buzuluk pine forest, and Razval Lake with water composition equivalent to that of the Dead Sea.
494 historical and cultural monuments are registered in Orenburg Region, along with 15 sports, health and entertainment centers. The tourism infrastructure is well developed, with 95 hotels, 30 sanatoria of different profiles, and 13 tourist camps and vacation homes. The wealth of mountain rivers and rocks contributes to the development of mountain climbing and water sports. A unique steppe resort in Sol-Iletsk has been established.
The region's contribution to the Russian economy is significant. Gas and chemical, mining and smelting, machine building and agricultural industries successfully operate here.
In 2007:
- mineral resources output increased by 39%;
- shipping volume of the processing industry grew by 27.6%;
- electricity, gas and water production and distribution increased by 22.3%.
Industrial production index in the region has higher growth dynamics compared to the average Russian level.
In 2000-2007:
- industrial production volumes increased by 98.2%;
- GRP grew by 75.3%;
- fixed capital expenditures increased 2.5 times;
- housing construction increased 1.9 times.
Gross agricultural output more than doubled over the last 8 years. External trade turnover increased by 3.2% (USD4.6 billion).
Orenburg Region has a well-developed transportation system, ensuring links with Kazakhstan. There are two international airports in the region. It is crossed by the Southern Urals Railways and the Kuybyshev Railway.
Currently, a large infrastructural project of St. Petersburg Ц Kazan Ц Orenburg Ц Kazakhstan Ц Khorgos highway construction is underway in the region, which will be a part of the Western Europe Ц Western China transportation corridor.
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Alexey Andreyevich Chernyshyov

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