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Annual average rate of 2007:
1 USD ($ USD)   = 29.39 rub.
1 EUR (€)           = 41,42 rub.

Currencies exchange rates (as of 11.06.2010): 
1 USD ($ USD)  = 31.5742 rub.
1 EUR (€)          = 38.0217 rub.

                      0.7% »зм. 0%
Gold and currency reserves        441.4 bln. USD
Oil Brent (ICE)         71.62
                          USD/ barrel
GDP               II квартал 2009 год 9 326,4 bln. Rub.
Exports            24,5 »зм 1,8 bln. USD
Imports           15.5 »зм. 1.6 bln. USD
Fixed asset
   01.07.09г. 621,7 »зм. -49.4 bln. Rub.
Consumer price index
(as of 01.8 / 31.08.2009)
  100 »зм. 0% - for food
              99.1 »зм. - 1.5%
- for non-food
                   100.6 »зм. - 0.2%
- for paid services rendered to the population         100.4 »зм. - 0.4%
Forecast rates on                         
1 USD ($ USD) = rub.
1 EUR (€)          = rub.
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Chukotka autonomous okrug

Area, km2:
737 700
Time zone:
Administrative center (city):
Population (inhabitants):
Share of urban population (%):
Gross regional product, 2005 (million rubles):
14 639.2
Gross regional product per capita, 2005 (rubles):
289 856.0
Fixed capital investment, 2006 (million rubles) :
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (Russian: „уко́тский автоно́мный о́круг, tr.: Chukotsky avtonomny okrug; Chukchi: „укоткакэн автономныкэн округ), or Chukotka („уко́тка), is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous okrug) located in the Far Eastern Federal District. It is the most northeasterly region of Russia, and since the sale of Alaska to the United States is the only region of Russia lying partially in the western geographical hemisphere. It is bordered to the east by the Bering Sea, part of the Pacific Ocean, and to the north by the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea, which are part of the Arctic Ocean. Chukotka has an area of 737,700 km² (284,800 sq mi) and population of 53,824 (according to the 2002 Census), and just over 55,000 in 2004. The principal town and administrative center is Anadyr. Lake El'gygytgyn, an important site for scientific research on climate change, is located in Chukotka, as is the village of Uelen, the closest substantial Russian settlement to the United States. Chukotka was formerly an autonomous okrug subsumed within Magadan Oblast, but it declared its separation in 1991; a move that was confirmed by the Russian Constitutional Court in 1993. Traditionally the home of the native Chukchi people, Siberian Yupiks, Koryaks, Chuvans, Evens/Lamuts, Yukagirs, and Russian Old Settlers, the region was subject to collectivisation and forced settlement during the Soviet era. Chukotka has large reserves of oil, natural gas, coal, gold, and tungsten, which are slowly being exploited, but much of the rural population exists on subsistence reindeer herding, hunting, and fishing. The urban population is employed in mining, administration, construction, cultural work, education, medicine, and other occupations.
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Region's website
Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich

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