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Annual average rate of 2007:
1 USD ($ USD)   = 29.39 rub.
1 EUR (€)           = 41,42 rub.

Currencies exchange rates (as of 11.06.2010): 
1 USD ($ USD)  = 31.5742 rub.
1 EUR (€)          = 38.0217 rub.

                      0.7% Изм. 0%
Gold and currency reserves        441.4 bln. USD
Oil Brent (ICE)         71.62
                          USD/ barrel
GDP               II квартал 2009 год 9 326,4 bln. Rub.
Exports            24,5 Изм 1,8 bln. USD
Imports           15.5 Изм. 1.6 bln. USD
Fixed asset
   01.07.09г. 621,7 Изм. -49.4 bln. Rub.
Consumer price index
(as of 01.8 / 31.08.2009)
  100 Изм. 0% - for food
              99.1 Изм. - 1.5%
- for non-food
                   100.6 Изм. - 0.2%
- for paid services rendered to the population         100.4 Изм. - 0.4%
Forecast rates on                         
1 USD ($ USD) = rub.
1 EUR (€)          = rub.
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Karelia Republic

Area, km2:
172 400
Time zone:
Administrative center (city):
Population (inhabitants):
Share of urban population (%):
Gross regional product, 2005 (million rubles):
86 402.2
Gross regional product per capita, 2005 (rubles):
124 259.8
Fixed capital investment, 2006 (million rubles) :
Foreign direct investment, 2006 (thousands USD):
The Republic of Karelia (Russian: Респу́блика Каре́лия, Respublika Kareliya; Karelian: Karjalan tazavalla; Finnish: Karjalan tasavalta; Veps: Karjalan Tazovaldkund) is a federal subject of the Russian Federation (a republic).
The Republic is located in the north-western part of the Russian Federation, taking intervening position between the basins of White and Baltic seas. The White Sea shore line is 630 km.
The most part of the republic's territory (148,000 km², or 85%) is composed of state forest stock. The total growing stock of timber resources in the forests of all categories and ages is 807 million m³. The mature and overmature tree stock amounts to 411.8 million m³, of which 375.2 million m³ is coniferous.
Fifty useful minerals are found in Karelia, located in more than 400 deposits and orebearing layers. Natural resources of the republic include iron ore, diamonds, vanadium, molybdenum, and others.
The highest executive authority in the Republic of Karelia is the Head of the Republic. As of 2007, the Head of the Republic is Sergey Leonidovich Katanandov, who was elected in May of 2002.
The parliament of the Republic of Karelia is the Legislative Assembly comprising 50 deputies elected for a four year term.
The Constitution of the Republic of Karelia was adopted on February 12, 2001.
Karelia is sometimes called "the songlands" in the Finnish culture, as Karelian poems constitute most of the Finnish national epic Kalevala.
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