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West Siberian macrozone

The main potential for the development of the economic regions is concentrated in the leading resource producing regions in Western Siberia. The subjects that form this region vary considerably in terms of the conditions of managing the areas and the structure of their economy (the north – processing industries; the south – agricultural-industrial with the prevailing processing industries), as well as the level of the social and economic development.
Priority development trends:
according to the project "The Concept for Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation" for the period until 2020.
    • The development of the strategically important oil-and-gas and coal resources in the conditions of establishing the required transportation and energy infrastructure in the resource producing regions of the North and the Kuzbass;
    •  The key zones of modernization in the low population density Siberia need developing – the large cities that play an important role.  The largest agglomerations are becoming the centers of the service economy, primarily trade. The Western Siberian economic regions may become an important zone for the development of scientific research work and practically applicable research, including research in the sphere of bio- and nanotechnologies, high technology production based in the well-established innovation base in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Biysk;
    • An important trend in the modernization of the economy and growth of internal ties will be the development of recreation based on the resources of the Altai region (the Republic of Altai, the Altai region) by means of establishing the transportation and energy infrastructure;
    • It is necessary to develop the transportation infrastructure, including an avia-hub in Novosibirsk, to increase the capacity of the transportation communications which provide for the transit of cargo and passenger flows between the Asian-Pacific region and Europe. The priority trend is the development of the border territory adjacent to Kazakhstan, the construction of bypass railroad ways and energy networks.

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