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Volga macrozone

The unifying factor is the close proximity and access to the Volga River or its affluents. The Povolzhsky economic region is characterized by its poly-centricity and large agglomerations of Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara -Tolyatti, which increases the capacity of the internal market. The combination of the well developed processing industries and oil productions (especially in Tatarstan and the Samara region) provides for the more stable development. Another advantage is the well developed infrastructure and the more favorable conditions for agriculture in the southern regions.
Priority development trends:
according to the project "The Concept for Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation" for the period until 2020.
  • The development and modernization of the processing industry (the production of automobiles and auto-components with the participation of foreign companies, aviation, aerospace industries, oil and gas processing, petroleum chemistry and food processing industry). Povolzhiye can become one of the leaders in the manufacture of the “high yield” products in the country. There is also considerable growth of investment into the agricultural-industrial complex in the Povolzhsky economic region;
  • The development of the basic and perspective branches of industry is connected with the measures on the part of the state aimed at creating favorable conditions for attracting investments into the innovation upgrading and forming defense orders for the key branches of the defense-industrial complex in the economic region, combined with their diversification;
  • The state support of the realization of the economic priorities is focused on the increase in the capacity of the transportation infrastructure, the construction of new bridges over the Volga River and the meridian main line along the Volga River, the formation of transportation-logistical points and the development of the international transportation corridors;
  • The growing demand of the population of the large agglomerations in the sphere of recreation and the natural river landscapes create favorable conditions for the development of both intraregional recreation sphere based on the countryside and water tourism on the Volga River and its affluents.

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